Group 0+ / 1 / 2 / 3 - ROTATE SEAT

0 – 36 kg

(Approx. Birth – 12 years)

Rearward facing from Birth to 18kg (Group 0+/1)
Easy Rotate Due to One-Side Top Tether
One-Side Top Tether does not get in the way when placing baby in Seat

Forward facing from 9 to 18kg (Group 1)
Installed with ISOFIX & Top Tether

Booster seat from 15 to 36kg (Group 2/3)
Can be installed with Vehicle Seat Belt or SAFEFIX & Vehicle Seat Belt

5-point harness
4-position recline
Adjustable head support
Side impact protection
Extra padding for more comfort
Deluxe comfort pad & shoulder pads
Converts to booster seat

Available in Black/Grey.

The Falcon combines all 4 stages into one Child Restraint System with Rotate function.

It can be used as an Extended Rear Facing Seat with ISOFIX & Top-Tether install.

It can be installed with the ISOFIX & Top Tether.

Available at Baby Boom & Wheel Well


Rearward facing to 18kg

Group 0/1 (Birth to 18kg)

Forward Facing from 9 to 18kg

Group 1 (9 to 18kg)

Recline position for Group 1

Group 1 (9 to 18kg)

Diagonal View

Side View

Headrest Height

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 14.32.46

Install Images

Rotate Function

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